About Us

Welcome to the Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast Inc (WRSC) Website.

WRSC was established by longterm wildlife rehabilitators after recognising the need for greater coverage by wildlife rescuers on the Sunshine Coast. WRSC became incorporated in May 2013 and the organisation is fully self funded.

The members of WRSC are licensed for Birds (incl Raptors), Macropods, Marsupials, Non Venomous Snakes, Bats & Reptiles. We will rescue any sick, injured or orphaned wildlife 24/7 free of charge. Should you feel like giving us a small donation it will be much appreciated!

Sometimes it will be necessary for us to put you through to another group or organisation, especially if they are able to assist quicker than us or have greater expertise with various animals.

This is not an elaborate website…yet…simply as our members are way to busy rescuing and rehabbing.

Should you need any assistance or advice please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 0432 310 556 or 0415 839 554.